Do you feel you must forfeit joy and peace because of your circumstances?

Are you serving faithfully but don't yet have a deep relationship with God?

Are you yearning for a peace that no one can steal?

Are you desperately wanting change but don't know the biblical roadmap to get you where God wants you to be?

Welcome to the Diving Deep Bible Study!

The purpose of this study is to empower and teach Christian women how to break free from a life of chaos and defeat and radically change their lives by becoming experts at renewing their mind to Christ’s view.

It is not our circumstances that determine our peace, it’s our perspective!

Learn a scriptural,
blueprint that,

because of the power of God's Word,

will result in

- A lifestyle of unwavering faith
- Consistent victory in the battle for the mind
- A deeper, best-friend relationship with God
- Freedom from self-made rules and rituals
- The abundant life Christ has promised

In this course you learn tactical and scientific solutions on how to rewire the brain and scriptural and biblical principles to teach you exactly how to renew the mind. This is all sandwiched between tons of inspiration and encouragement that the abundant life Christ offers is available to you right now!

Despite messy lives, mental illness, broken relationships, loss, and all the things, we can still live a lifestyle of peace, contentment and joy, even when our circumstances are messy.

It is not improved circumstances that bring us God’s peace, but rather changing our perspective to view those circumstances through Christ’s eyes.

Conquering mental warfare, enjoying unwavering faith, and having close, personal fellowship with the Lord can be taken to a deeper level by understanding and applying a

series of truths from scripture that work together

to build a firm foundation that will help us thrive through life with joy and victory.

Hi! I'm Jennifer.

Are you ready to stop suffering?

Are you ready to claim the power that God has given you to choose what kind of life you live, regardless of what trials and circumstances He allows?

God has the answer!

The tools you need to radically change your life are already at your fingertips in scripture, and I can teach you how to apply them!

Even after a past of trauma, depression, poor health, and presently living with a Bipolar II diagnosis, God has proven to me that despite our circumstances we can live abundant, fulfilling, and joyful lives in Christ.

In this Bible Study, we take scriptures and principals that are
familiar and dive deep beyond the surface, allowing God the opportunity to take us further into His Truth to restore our joy, free us from bondage, and bring us closer to Him.

We get down to the nitty-gritty in this Bible Study.

  • We refer to copious amounts of scripture. This study is drenched with the Word of God.
  • This study is taught in a way that is freeing, not causing guilt or shame.
  • While gentle, God leads the Truth in this study to come across boldly and unhindered so we can reach the spiritual transformation we desire. No tip-toeing here!

Judy, a past student wrote, "Jennifer, dear Jennifer... thank your soooo much for your tender dealing with our needs and following God's leading in giving us the truth in love! This has been so helpful... how I wish I had had this resource and instruction many years ago."

If you are willing, God can do transforming, life changing work in your heart during the brief time we get to spend together in this video course.

Get ready...

  • To get the tools, knowledge, and encouragement you need to control your thoughts and live abundantly despite unchanging circumstances and despite the enemy’s lies.
  • To learn exactly how to renew and rewire your mind and take back control of the thoughts and habits that aren’t serving you or others.
  • To finally know God is enough and no longer search for others to satiate your soul.
  • To no longer feel victim to your circumstances but claim instead the life of freedom and joy that Jesus said He came to give us all.
  • To have your own personal, best-friend walk and relationship with God that is not dependent on anything or anyone else.

Because of the transforming nature of God's Word and the merciful, gracious character of God, we can have all these things and more!

How did this study come to be?

In 2013, God took me, a suicidal woman with Bipolar, and started unfolding these components of a Christ-like mind, giving me a completely transformed life and a deep, personal relationship with Him.

God then led and equipped me to write a curriculum that teaches others this very same blueprint so that anyone can learn how to have a joyful life in Christ and a close, best-friend relationship with God.

It is
God and you that get to dive deeper together in this Bible study and into a richer relationship that carries on for eternity.

Perhaps you will be like Tracy, who at the end of the Bible Study felt her life was changed!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my purchase of the Diving Deep Bible Study?
You will receive both video and audio recordings of the entire Diving Deep Bible Study along with a beautiful printable workbook. You get a course checklist to help you keep track of your progress and a 30-Day Challenge Roadmap to help you complete the Bible Study in 30 days in an easy, flexible, and enjoyable way. The study is housed in a private teaching portal that keeps everything organized and easy to access. I include many additional resources to further implement what the study teaches.

What if your version of the Bible is different than mine?
That's okay. I use the King James Bible in this study, but if you are using a different version, you will still gain tremendous insights even though our verses will not match word for word.

How much time will this Bible Study require?
This study is broken down into bite-sized segments, and is designed to be completed in 30 days or less. Setting aside 45 minutes a few times a week will get you through the course in 4 weeks. (Tip: Use the audio downloads to listen on the go!) Take advantage of the 30-Day Challenge Roadmap that I created to make it easy and flexible with your schedule. I recommend you think of the study as a revival meeting. Let God saturate your heart with the teaching in a short amount of time, and then get right back into life and apply what you've learned.

Who is this Bible Study for?
This Bible Study is for anyone wanting to dive deeper into the word of God with the outcome of
- learning to love God even more than they do now
- have less spiritual bondage than they may have now
- allowing God's refinement so they can become even more like Christ than they are today
- learning to become an expert at renewing their own mind, allowing God to remain exalted in their thoughts and actions

What if I am a different religion than you?
The entire study is built on the Bible being the absolute source of hope and Truth.
- I don't teach religion, I teach reliance on the One True God who teaches us of Himself in the Living Word, the Bible.
If you have a desire to learn how to become an expert at renewing your own mind and to grow in your reliance on God and His Word, you will greatly benefit from this study.

How long do I have access to the material?
You will maintain continued access to the course. If the course or the teaching portal in which the course is housed ever closes, you will be able to download the material so that your access continues.

Are refunds available?
Because of the digital and immediate downloadable nature of this content, there are no refunds. Before you purchase, you can email me at [email protected] with any questions if you are unsure this Bible Study is right for you.

I never thought I would be able to live a stable life with bipolar, walk with God, read my Bible every day, or have a gentle relationship with my heavenly Father. But now I do! God never gave up on me and He will not give up pursuing you either.

Your life can be transformed by the Word of God just like mine continues to be.

Disclaimer - Your own transformation and results from this Bible study depend completely on you applying what you learn to your own life, your own mind, and your own heart. Unfortunately, no one can do this work for us. It is a personal pursuit of learning and then applying that knowledge to your daily life moment by moment so that you can then love God fully and experience spiritual freedom.

This study is a time of deep digging, not just into scripture, but into your own soul, thoughts, and motives.
Sign-up and be fully devoted to giving God your attention for the duration of this course.
Let God transform and invigorate you, and then jump back into your normal schedule and apply what you've learned.

It is work, but
eternal work that results in peace, joy, contentment, and deeper fellowship with the Savior.

I cannot wait to see how God will work in your life!

To God be the glory!
I will see you there!

Serving together,

Janice Wolfe

I love Jennifer! She has encouraged me through her music,
her personal testimony and her blog.
Jennifer is not afraid to admit her struggles.
She unashamedly praises the Lord and His Word for the help
she has received overcoming suicidal depression.
Her personal testimony is not only inspiring, but offers hope to the
downcast and discouraged soul. Jesus is the answer for the world today!
The teachings and instruction you receive through this ministry will
point you to Jesus Christ and His power to set you free!

Pastor Dan Outler

It is my privilege to support the ministry of Jennifer Skaw.
Jennifer and her family belong to our church and have demonstrated a
love for the Lord and a joy in serving Him.
Jennifer’s past combined with her ever-present struggle with bipolar disorder
gives her a unique insight into applications from God’s Word. She has experienced
the power of relying on Christ and His precious Word during times when life’s
realities made no sense at all. Jennifer has a heart for helping hurting people, and in
our world today there is no shortage of hurt. I believe the lessons God has taught her
from years of leaning on Him can be used to help many who are walking the lonely
path of hidden pain.

Pastor Dan and Robin Parton

From Robin... I have known Jennifer for over 19 years. What a joy it has been to witness
first hand Jennifer's walk with God, her sensitivity to the Spirit of God,
and her humility in following His leading. She is real, she is victorious, and she is ready to
pass on to others the transforming work of the Word of God. Jennifer's desire is to help you draw
close to the Living Word through the written Word. She will take you on a journey from darkness to light,
and show you both how and where she found her hope.

From Pastor... There's no better teacher than the one who's been there and done that to
teach the rest of us how to get through it when we get there.
Such is the life and experience of Jennifer Skaw.
Having known the Skaw family for nearly two decades, I can honestly say
that to know them is to love, respect, and appreciate them.
If you have ever questioned a teacher or counselor as to their familiarity with your
particular need, you do not have to question or wonder about Jennifer.
I highly recommend Jennifer and her ministry of helps to you!